Goodman League-Drew League Sights & Sounds: John Wall (Videos & Photo)

Goodman League-Drew League Sights & Sounds: John Wall (Videos & Photo)Like Kevin Durant, Washington Wizards star John Wall traveled from the South Florida All-Star Classic to the Goodman-Drew rematch in Southern California. Despite being a native of Raleigh, North Carolina, Wall is allowed to play for the D.C. based Goodman team because he is a member of our nation's capitol's NBA team. The first overall choice in the 2010 NBA Draft had an excellent rookie season lacing up his shoes down the street from the White House, averaging 16.4 PPG and 8.3 APG. Sunday night, Wall led all scorers with 55 points, in his club's 151-144 defeat. Take a look at original video from Wall's big night.


Wall signing autographs for fans, as he arrives at the Walter Pyramid prior to the game.


Wall and James Harden embracing on the floor after the game's conclusion.