Goodman League-Drew League Sights & Sounds: Kevin Durant (Videos & Photo)

Kevin Durant Drew League-Goodman LeagueWith the lack of movement in the NBA's ongoing lockout drama, the best and in some cases only chance to see the world's finest basketball players hone their craft is at the array of summer league and charity games that have taken place throughout the country. Last weekend served as perhaps the busiest stretch of these high profile hoops related events.

Saturday, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade hosted the South Florida All-Star Classic at Florida International University. Sunday night, Washington D.C.'s Goodman League took on Los Angeles' Drew League in a game dubbed “The Big Payback.” The contest served as a rematch following the Goodman League's 135-134 victory in August. The exhibition was held on the campus of California State University, Long Beach.

Without question, the biggest attraction of the evening was the appearance of NBA scoring champion Kevin Durant. The Washington native played in Long Beach, after running in the Florida event the night prior. The Oklahoma City Thunder forward tallied 50 points in his team's 151-144 loss. Take a look at multiple pieces of original video documenting Durant's night.


Prior to the game, Durant saying hello to Thunder teammate Russell Westbrook. Timberwolves forward and Durant childhood friend, Michael Beasley, joins in towards the end.


While being guarded by OKC teammate James Harden, Durant takes the inbounds pass and scores on a nice drive to the basket. Durant gives the crowd a flex after being fouled on the play.


Durant penetrates and throws down a thunderous jam.


Durant interacts with fans in the front row near the game's conclusion.