Gregg Popovich Hanging With Fans In LA (Video)

San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich may very well be the most underappreciated coach in the history of sports. How many other sideline generals can claim a resume of four NBA titles, yet still toil in virtual anonymity among sports fans? Outside of his hometown of San Antonio, it can be argued that only the most ardent of NBA fans would be able to spot Popovich walking down the street, or seated next to them at a restaurant.

Perhaps the legendary coach prefers this level of obscurity? Or, maybe he just wants to be seen as a basketball coach, as opposed to that of a celebrity?

Either way, those of us who follow his profession closely possess the highest level of respect for the man's litany of accomplishments.

Did you know that Coach Pop owns a .681 percent regular season and .605 percent postseason winning percentage? Did you also know that the longest tenured head coach in professional sports has reached the playoffs 15 consecutive seasons?

Away from the court, how many coaches can boast of a bachelor's degree in Soviet studies from the Air Force Academy, a master's in physical education and sports sciences from the University of Denver and a five-year tour of the United States Air Force, with a focus on intelligence gathering techniques?

In addition, Popovich has been heavily involved in many charitable endeavors, concerning disadvantaged youth, the hungry and foreign war refugees.

During the 2012 Presidential Election cycle, the Merrillville, Indiana product contributed $5,000 to President Obama's reelection campaign.

Based on the above pieces of biographical information, the certain future Hall of Fame coach can truly be called a renaissance man.

Tuesday, prior to the Spurs 84-82 victory over the Los Angeles Lakers, the always serious coach took a couple minutes to pose for photos and do some interacting with NBA fans, outside the Shutters by the Beach hotel, in Santa Monica, California.

Per the above original video, the sometimes surly floor leader appeared to be in great spirits, while perhaps showing an appreciation for the respect shown him, by this group of clearly knowledgeable basketball fans.