Heat Taking On The Kansas City Thunder?

Heat Taking On The Kansas City Thunder?As is to be expected, one the greatest beneficiaries of the Miami Heat's appearance in the 2012 NBA Finals is the South Florida hotel scene. With this in mind, a website called Miami Hotels Blog posted a little nugget highlighting some of the restaurants and hotels that reside near the American Airlines Arena.

Fair enough, right?

At first glance, everything appears to be OK until taking a closer look at the team this lacking in sports knowledge writer appears to believe is playing his or hers hometown Heat.

The unbelievable sentence reads as follows:

Miami's all-star basketball team is playing hard in the National Basketball Association's Finals against the Kansas City Thunder.

The Kansas City Thunder???


This appears to be yet another example of Miami's unbelievable bandwagon approach to basketball.

I hope none of these “fans” have made travel reservations for Games 6 or 7 in Kansas City. If they did, I cannot fathom their disappointment after landing in the great state of Missouri.