iFolloSports.com Behind The Scenes Look At Kobe Bryant (Videos & Photos)

Kobe Bryant Signing AutographsWednesday evening, the legendary career of Lakers guard Kobe Bryant comes to an end at Staples Center. The last few years, Bryant and the Lakers have found themselves in unfamiliar territory, consistency finishing at the very bottom of the NBA standings. Prior to this more recent period, Bryant and the Lakers were the dominant force of basketball, winning five NBA championships amid seven NBA Finals appearances. The 2008 MVP retires as the league’s third all-time leading scorer.

Over the years, iFolloSports.com has gathered many behind the scenes original photos and videos of the Lakers legend. Below are links to a sampling of those stories.

Kobe signing autographs from his Mercedes, outside the Lakers practice facility.

Kobe departing a Minneapolis hotel.

An up close look at Kobe and his daughter from courtside at Staples.

Classic photo of Kobe with Lower Merion High School teammates.

Kobe with our own Lance Martinez during a Thanksgiving visit to Detroit.

Kobe pulling out of the Lakers complex in a brand new Ferrari convertible.

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