iFolloSports.com NBA Finals Thoughts: Warriors Win Title

Monday evening, the Warriors achieved what most basketball observers thought would happen, amid a 129-120 Game 5 victory over the Cavaliers, giving the team its second championship in three years. Once again, the duo of Kevin Durant and Steph Curry could not be stopped. Durant (the finals MVP) had 39 points, with Curry totaling 34 points. Remarkably, Curry only made two three-point shots in the contest, meaning that most of his points occurred when driving and finishing near the basket.

As for Cleveland, LeBron James was his usual great self, averaging a triple-double in the series, with 33.6 points 12 rebounds and 10 assists. Kyrie Irving did his part with a 29.4 points per game average, but the pair did not get enough help against this super team from Oakland.

LeBron is now 3-5 all-time in the NBA Finals.

At this point, yes, LeBron is absolutely an all-time great, but it is hard to put him in the Michael Jordan conversation, with so many finals losses on his résumé. Jordan, by comparison, was six for six in his finals career.

Simply put, barring major injury or player dissention, the Warriors should become a dynasty that could win two or three more titles in the next four or five years.

The Cavs will try and make big moves this summer, but given LeBron's 14 seasons in the NBA, it may not be enough to compete with the Golden State juggernaut.