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 Darren Rovell on Kevin Durant's Under Armour offerDarren Rovell on Kevin Durant - Twitter

NBA superstar Kevin Durant has recently been offered an incredibly hefty package from sportswear manufacture Under Armour.  The deal, which is in the $265 million through $285 million range (over 10 years), also consists of other incentives, one of which being the building of a community center in Durant's mother's name. Nike, Durant's current shoe sponsor, has the right to match the offer, per the terms of his existing contract. Durant initially signed a seven-year/$60 million deal with Nike, earning him $8.5 million annually.

ESPN's Darren Rovell added some additional insight, via his Twitter account, all on August 20.


Kevin Durant's representation has informed Nike that it has a $265M-$285M deal from Under Armour. Nike has the right to match.


— darren rovell (@darrenrovell)  August 20, 2014



If Durant does Under Armour deal, he'll be more an employee of UA than the Thunder


— darren rovell (@darrenrovell)  August 20, 2014



Durant took $22M less to sign with Nike over adidas in his rookie year. If Nike doesn't match UA, he can still chose them.


— darren rovell (@darrenrovell)  August 20, 2014



If Under Armour deal with Durant goes through, UA will be spending 10% of its marketing budget on biz that is currently 1% of its revenues


— darren rovell (@darrenrovell)  August 20, 2014



Durant wouldn't be the only NBA player to make more on shoe deal than on court. LeBron will likely make around $30M from Nike this season.


— darren rovell (@darrenrovell)  August 20, 2014



Yes, there is a huge amount of $ on the table for KD's new shoe deal, but people close to him say it has weighed heavily on him.


— darren rovell (@darrenrovell)   August 20, 2014


It will be interesting to see how much Under Armour's incredible financial offer plays a role in Durant's decision of whether to jump ship from Nike, or if Nike decides to even match the deal, since no decision seems to have been made.


Stay tuned…


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