iFolloSports.com's Behind The Scenes Coverage Of LeBron's Four Years In MIA

LeBron James posing for photo with fanFriday morning, in an absolutely remarkable turn of events, LeBron James announced that he is returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Four years ago, LeBron declared that he was “taking his talents to South Beach,” via the platform of the poorly received ESPN program “The Decision.” Then, immediately following LeBron's Miami Heat pronouncement, Cavs owner Dan Gilbert hastily released the now infamous letter that absolutely tore LeBron to shreds.

Now, almost exactly four years later, the band is getting back together.

During LeBron's four years in Miami, iFolloSports.com has provided sports fans with a bevy of behind the scenes coverage of the world's most famous athlete. Below is a sampling of the collection of content.

A story chronicling LeBron's life and legacy in his hometown of Akron. The article, which includes detailed info on his mansion and alma mater, was gathered and written shorty after LeBron severed ties with the Cavs.   

Video of LeBron and Dwyane Wade heckled by fans in LA, outside Miami's Beverly Hills hotel, amid the first season of the Big 3.

Video of James and the rest of the Heat acting oblivious to screaming fans, outside of Target Center in Minneapolis, also in year one of the four-year run.

Video of a changed and more open LeBron, during a second-year trip back to Minnesota.

Video of James boarding the team bus, outside Miami's downtown LA hotel, during the 2012-2013 championship season.

Photo of LeBron waving to fans, outside the Heat's Beverly Hills hotel, during the recently completed season.

LeBron posing for a picture, with a young fan in Beverly Hills, amid the same LA stay.