Jeff Van Gundy Looks Just As Small In Person

Wednesday night, a couple hours before taking the mic to provide color commentary for ESPN's coverage of the Miami Heat versus Los Angeles Clippers game at Staples Center, current NBA broadcaster/former coach Jeff Van Gundy was spotted walking across Nokia Plaza, located at the LA Live entertainment complex.

LA Live (the home of ESPN's Los Angeles studios) is situated directly across the street from Staples.

It is amazing to fathom how the 150 lbs., 5-9 Van Gundy was able to garner the respect of basketball players, whose average height was roughly a foot taller than that of the longtime coach.

During his 11 years as an NBA head coach (NYK, HOU), Van Gundy amassed a record of 430-318, including an appearance in the 2000 NBA Finals.

Clearly, his lack of size has not impacted the ESPN/ABC analyst's level of gravitas, when orchestrating or discussing the players who make up the very best basketball league in the world.

Despite Van Gundy's slightness of build, the man deserves a whole lot of credit for his ability to stand tall, while making a career in the land of giants.