Jeffries, Douglas, Fields & Mates In LA (Video)

Among the first New York Knicks players to board the team charter bus at the Montage Beverly Hills hotel on Thursday was the franchise's younger core of players.

The above original video shows an injured Jared Jeffries and rookie Josh Harrellson entering the bus, after concluding conversations with assistant coaches Herb Williams and Mike Woodson.

A couple seconds later, assistant coach Phil Weber arrives, followed by Toney Douglas and Landry Fields. Rookie Jerome Jordan is seen hovering in the background.

While not anywhere near as recognizable as teammates Carmelo Anthony, Amar'e Stoudemire, Baron Davis and Tyson Chandler, as seen in the other original videos from Thursday, it appears that life in the NBA is treating all these young men quite well, as they enjoy a 70 degree December day in Southern California.