Jim Buss Walking Through Lakers HQ (Video)

Tuesday, in what has become a reoccurring theme, Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson aggressively criticized LA's executive vice president of basketball operations, the constantly embattled Jim Buss. Simply put, Magic does not feel that the son of legendary Lakers owner Jerry Buss is up to the task.

After finishing 3rd in the Pacific Division and losing in the first round of the playoffs, back in 2012-13, the Lakers posted their worst regular season record ever last season, finishing 27-55. Making matters worse, amid a 13-39 record, Buss' team is currently on pace to finish with an even lower mark in 2014-15.

Recently, iFolloSports.com captured the above original video of the 55-year-old Buss walking through the hockey side of the Toyota Sports Center, the Lakers and Kings shared headquarters, in El Segundo, California.

Per usual, Buss is seen adorned in his customary baseball cap.