Joakim Noah After Shootaround (Video)

Joakim Noah has been the heart and soul of the Chicago Bulls, since being drafted out of Florida, back in 2007. The center is best known for his defensive prowess, as he is a two-time member of the NBA All-Defensive Team and the 2014 NBA Defensive Player of the Year.

For his career, Noah is a 9.8 points a game scorer, while netting 9.4 rebounds per contest. 

So far this year, Noah is totaling 7.8 points, 9.6 boards and 1.5 blocks a game, for the 30-19 Bulls, who are in fourth place in the East.

Last week, when the Bulls paid a visit to LA, captured the above original video of Noah signing and interacting with NBA fans, outside of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel, in Beverly Hills, California. 

Bulls fans can also view additional original video of Noah and the Bulls entering their team bus, earlier this season, also in LA.