Kardashian & Austin, Exactly One Year Prior To The Wedding Of Kim & Kris (Exclusive)

Last weekend, New Jersey Nets forward Kris Humphries tied the knot with reality TV star Kim Kardashian. The “modest, under the radar event” was held in the ritzy enclave of Montecito, California.  

The couple's whirlwind romance has dominated tabloids and gossip shows, since the pair joined forces in late 2010.   

Almost exactly one year to the day of Kris' and Kim's nuptials, Ms. Kardashian was busy running around with a different figure from the world of athletics and ifollosports.com was on hand to capture their interaction with a group of NFL fans.

35 miles south of Montecito sits the far less ritzy city of Oxnard, California. Last summer, the Dallas Cowboys spent a portion of their training camp practicing on the fields at River Ridge, adjacent to the Marriott Residence Inn.

ifollosports.com was on hand covering the festivities, which included an interaction with club owner Jerry Jones.    

Kardashian was a frequent visitor because of her then relationship with Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin.

On the day of our visit, the reality star was seen driving through the complex in her black Land Rover. Shortly after driving off campus, last summer's tabloid “flavors of the month” arrived back at the Residence Inn and headed towards Austin's hotel suite.

The two previously mentioned football fans met up with the couple and had a very pleasant exchange with Kardashian, where she agreed to sign a picture of herself in a bikini. The fans shared their adventure with ifollosports.com.

Take a look at the story and accompanying photos of the encounter.    

Check out the photo date on the lower right corner of the most prominently featured photo: 26/08/10.

What a difference a year makes in the lives of Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries and Miles Austin.