Karl-Anthony Towns Versus The Bomb Cyclone

Karl-Anthony Towns Denver Bomb CycloneOver the course of the last couple days, portions of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and the Dakotas have been on the unfortunate receiving end of a weather phenomenon known as the “bomb cyclone.” This particular winter blast has brought high winds and significant snowfalls to large sections of the above areas.

The Denver metro area ranks as one of the spots that has incurred the storm’s wrath, with the region reporting wind gusts of 80 MPH, along with more than seven inches of snowfall.  This brutal stretch of weather has resulted in the cancellation of nearly 1,500 flights that were scheduled to either takeoff or land at Denver International Airport.

One of the flights impacted by the weather was the Minnesota Timberwolves charter that was scheduled to depart for Salt Lake City in advance of the club’s Thursday night matchup with the Jazz. Minnesota has been in Denver since Monday, when the squad arrived for what turned out to be a 133-107 loss to the Nuggets on Tuesday night.

With the Wolves stranded in The Mile High City, All-Star big man Karl-Anthony Towns decided to leave the hotel and get himself a taste of what the bomb cyclone was all about.

A look at KAT’s experience is available via the below video.

Despite the ongoing rough weather, Minny made it safe and sound to Salt Lake City on Thursday morning, several hours before their matchup with the Jazz.