Klay Thompson Tours Canton Bazaar Chinatown San Francisco | Video

Klay Thompson Montclair Residence Recently, Golden State Warriors All-Star guard Klay Thompson paid a visit to San Francisco’s Chinatown, as part of a BMW promotional campaign.

The two-time NBA champ stopped by Canton Bazaar for a little shopping, followed by a tour of a fortune cookie company. Remarkably, this visit marked Thompson’s second trip to said fortune cookie company.

San Francisco’s famed Chinatown sits 11 miles west of the Warriors downtown Oakland practice facility and 16 miles northwest of Oracle Arena.

Canton Bazaar sits 14 miles west of the Montclair neighborhood of Oakland, the location of Klay Thompson’s residence in the East Bay.

Thompson also owns a beach house in Dana Point, California, located 400 miles to the south, in Orange County (CA), near where Thompson attended high school.