The Knicks Are Now The Oldest Team In NBA History

Knicks oldest team in NBA historyThe New York Knicks sang "Happy Birthday" to center Tyson Chandler, who turned 30-years-old Tuesday, making him one of New York's younger players.

The Knicks signed Kurt Thomas (40), during the offseason, as well as Jason Kidd, who will turn 40 in March.  

Ironically, the Knicks are also 40 years away from their most recent NBA title (1972-1973).

The team even inked Pablo Prigioni, a 35-year-old rookie point guard from Argentina, and Marcus Camby, who is 38.

If New York signs technical-foul specialist Rasheed Wallace (38), this week as expected, their 13-man roster will average 32.7 years of age, the oldest in NBA history, according to STATS LLC

The Knicks have tried everything else to become a superior team and contend for a title. So, maybe fielding a "veteran" squad will work out.  

Somehow, we doubt it.