Kobe Bryant Driving His Red Range Rover (Video)

Now in his seventieth NBA season, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant has accomplished virtually every conceivable goal a world class basketball player would ever dream of checking of their bucket list. A résumé that reads five NBA Titles, 15 All-Star selections and two Olympic gold medals has afforded the hoops icon a life of opulence and far reaching opportunity. With an estimated net worth of $200 million, combined with a current annual salary of roughly $50 million ($25 million from the Lakers, $25 million from outside sources), Bryant is in a position to spend his sizable income on a variety of different pursuits. One of Kobe's most notable hobbies involves his love of luxury automobiles.     

Tuesday, per the above iFolloSports.com original video, our cameras captured the NBA's fifth all-time leading scorer exiting the Toyota Sports Center (Lakers' El Segundo, CA practice facility) in an All-New Range Rover. The Firenze Red Metallic SUV, which is part of the recently released “All-New” series, possesses a sticker price of between $83,000 and $131,000, depending on the specific model chosen by, in this case, Mr. Bryant.  

Kobe's Range Rover represents the third upper echelon vehicle in which iFolloSports.com has chronicled, via our original video library.

During the opening day of Lakers training camp, last October, Kobe was spotted exiting the training complex in his brand new red Ferrari 458 Spider. This clip was particularly unique because the normally private superstar elected to hit the streets with the convertible top down, while wearing an old school Los Angeles Angels hat.

Coincidently, one year ago today, iFolloSports.com was also on hand when the Philadelphia native exited the Toyota Sports Center, via his black Mercedes-Benz CLS. This infamous ride has graced the pages of our website on multiple occasions, including the time when Kobe pulled over the very same Mercedes, when interacting with a group of sweltering NBA fans, braving the hottest day in the history of Los Angeles, in the hopes of meeting one of their most revered public figures.

Whether it's his Land Rover, Ferrari or Mercedes-Benz, it seems abundantly clear that the man, who spent much of his childhood in Italy, is an enormous fan of European luxury automobiles. Without question, the luxury dealerships near Kobe's Newport Beach (CA) home have taken notice of this phenomenon.

Clearly, being one of the greatest athletes in sports history provides for an abundance of privileges. Just watch your speed along the way.