Kobe Bryant & His Brand New Ferrari (Video)

Can you believe Kobe Bryant is 34-years-old?  

Remarkably, the former suburban Philadelphia high school prodigy is entering his seventeenth season with the Los Angeles Lakers.

After winning five NBA titles and two Olympic gold medals, the 14-time All-Star has his sights set on one singular accomplishment. Catching and surpassing Michael Jordan's mark of six NBA championships.

Kobe has always considered himself the heir apparent to MJ. If he can equal or eclipse number 23's championship legacy, the Newport Beach (CA) resident will live the rest of his life an extremely happy and content man.

After some doubt regarding whether he would have another opportunity to leapfrog past Michael, Kobe enters this season with a new found spring in his step, as a result of LA's acquisitions of Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Antawn Jamison.

Number 24 will have to exert a whole lot less energy, during the 82-game regular season grind, while affording himself the opportunity to save his beaten down body for the postseason. Coach Mike Brown's best case scenario involves visions of Kobe relaxing on the bench, amid a year full of Laker fourth quarter blowouts.

Only time will tell if this lofty LA day dream indeed comes to fruition.

Tuesday, the NBA Player of the Decade was seen driving away from the Toyota Sports Center, in a brand new Ferrarri 458 Spider.

Check out the scene, per the above iFolloSports.com original video.

On this first full day of training camp, Kobe was spotted waving to fans, while donning a classic Los Angeles Angels hat.

Some Los Angeles Dodgers fans may not be happy with the legend's Orange County baseball fashion statement. But, our guess is that folks will get over any potential hardball snub very quickly.

Watch how this group of fans literally chases the future Hall of Famer down the street, in hopes of an autograph.

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