The Lakers and Kings Are Dreaming Big With Their New Headquarters

Lakers UCLA Health Training CenterSince 2000, the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Kings have collectively called the Toyota Sports Center (TSC) home, when it comes to the respective clubs’ basketball and hockey operations. Located in El Segundo, California (five minutes south of Los Angeles International Airport) the joint 135,000-square-foot shared practice facility also features ice rink space for Olympic and amateur figure skating training, along with youth and roller hockey leagues.

While all the hockey areas are open to the public (including Kings and visiting NHL team practices), the Lakers section of the building was completely closed off to the masses, with the exception of the ability for fans to interact with players, as the team drove away from their gated parking lot.

While the Kings remain comfortable with the size and scope of the team’s hockey operational setup, the Lakers had outgrown their arrangement, based largely on the existence of only one practice court, as opposed to the current NBA training facility standard of at least two full-length courts.

In addition, as the business operations of professional sports teams have continued to expand, each franchise was forced to house many of their employees in neighboring office buildings in El Segundo, as well as locations in downtown Los Angeles.

Beginning this season, both the Lakers and Kings have either corrected or are in the process of correcting these modern day, first world sports issues.

Over the summer, the Lakers moved two blocks east to the brand new UCLA Health Training Center. The 120,000-square-foot, $80 million structure allows the NBA’s most prominent team to bring both the basketball and business side of the organization into the very same building, as opposed to the former more de-centralized setup. 

In addition, the UCLA Health Training Center will serve as the home venue for the G League’s South Bay Lakers, while also housing a 2,500-square-foot UCLA Health Sports Performance clinic.

The below photo provides an exterior look at the building, which comes equipped with a 3,200-square-foot weight room (three times the size of the TSC weight room), along with a 5,000-square-foot training room. The massive training edifice includes a series of training tables, two plunge pools, a therapy pool, Cryogenics machine, sauna and steam room.

The Lakers players’ workspace also offers an indoor/outdoor lounge, barbershop chair, cafeteria, film room and state-of-the art locker-room.

Lakers UCLA Health Training Center

Back at the TSC, the Kings are taking full advantage of the Lakers departure by turning the former basketball sections of the building into expanded business operations offices, allowing the bulk of the two-time Stanley Cup champions’ hockey and business structure to eventually be housed under one roof.

Below is a look at the work being done on the former Lakers practice floor.

Kings Toyota Sports Center