Larry Bird Drives A Race Car Through New York City (Video)

Larry Bird IndyCar All-Star Game PitchMonday, NBA legend Larry Bird got behind the wheel of a high speed IndyCar, not at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway or a meticulously designed grand prix course, but instead on the busy streets of Midtown Manhattan.

The Pacers President of Basketball Operations drove the franchise themed open-wheel car for five blocks (in the far left lane of Fifth Avenue), as part of the Pacers presentation to the NBA offices, amid the club’s efforts to host the 2021 All-Star Game.

In a very unsurprising bit of news, the 6’9 hall of famer had a little bit of trouble fitting into the low riding vehicle. But, the 60-year-old icon had fun nonetheless.

This clip (courtesy of shows Bird’s NYC voyage, followed by a look at Bird and Pacers Sports & Entertainment President and COO Rick Fuson making the public portion of their pitch to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.