LeBron's Miami Pad Is Still On The Market (Photos)

LeBron James Miami house on sale $12 millionBack in early October, iFolloSports.com reported that LeBron James had placed his 12,000-square-foot, Coconut Grove, Florida home on the market for $17 million.  Well, a full five months later, with LeBron very much ensconced back in Northeast Ohio, the spectacular bay front pad is still available for purchase.

For those wondering why the sprawling warm weather abode has not yet been claimed, Erik Gunther from realtor.com explains that LeBron's location may not necessarily match up with where the people at the high end of Miami's real estate market are most interested in living.

For those keeping score, Thursday's high temperature in Miami came in at 85, with Cleveland pulling in at 41. Below is an aerial photo of downtown Cleveland, along with a frozen Lake Erie, captured from 37,000 feet above, during Thursday afternoon.

Downtown Cleveland from airplane

Despite the obvious disparity in weather, LeBron appears to be overjoyed with being back home in Ohio and quite possibly on the verge of bringing a long awaited NBA title to the state he loves so much. 

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