A Look At The Inglewood Site Of A Potential New Clippers Arena (Photos)

Clippers Inglewood Stadium Site Last week, the city council of Inglewood, California unanimously approved an exclusive negotiating agreement for the Los Angeles Clippers to construct a new arena, immediately south of the under construction 700-acre NFL stadium complex, which will be home to both the Rams and Chargers.

If the Clippers elect to move forward with the project, the franchise will look to construct an 18,000 to 20,000 capacity arena, along with team offices, a practice facility and onsite parking.

Below is a look at the 20-acre parcel of city owned land, which includes the presence of existing buildings.

Clippers Inglewood Stadium Site

Clippers Inglewood Stadium Site

Clippers Inglewood Stadium Site

This photo provides a glimpse of the work being done on the NFL side of the street, which will also include residential, retail and commercial elements, as well as a luxury hotel, theater, NFL Network studios and future wing of the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Rams and Chargers Inglewood Stadium Site

This map shows the geographical layout of the potential mega Inglewood entertainment complex, with the renovated Forum (former home of the Lakers and Kings) to the north, followed by the NFL site and then the potential NBA structure.

The Hollywood Park Casino also sits within this stretch of suddenly highly sought-after land.