Magic Johnson Autograph Event In His Home State | Video

Above is original video of NBA icon Magic Johnson signing autographs at Detroit City Sports, in the Detroit suburb of Sterling Heights, Michigan. The clip is provided by Lance Martinez of My Detroit Sports.

The American sports legend grew up in the Michigan capital city of Lansing, which sits 90 miles west of Sterling Heights. Before becoming a hall of fame point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, Johnson became a hero in his home state, amid leading Everett High School to a state title in 1977 and the Michigan State Spartans to an NCAA title in 1979.

In fact, it was a local Lansing sportswriter who gave Earvin Johnson Jr. the nickname Magic, all the way back when Johnson was just 15-years-old.  

How many other people in the world grew so famous that their nickname morphed into the common usage of their universally recognized full name?  This unique situation’s roots can all be traced back to Magic’s younger years in the state of Michigan.

Upon leaving The Great Lakes State, Magic’s Los Angeles life has of course included leading the Lakers to five NBA titles, while later becoming one of the most prominent and well respected business people in the entire state of California.

Though the now 57-year-old Johnson has called LA home for almost 40 years, his affinity for the state of his youth remains as strong as ever.

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