Magic Johnson Spotted In Hawaii On A Very Scary Day

Magic Johnson and Hawaii false missile alertSaturday, as the state of Hawaii was experiencing the unbelievably scary false missile alert, many tourists took shelter in the interior rooms of the hotels they were staying in. This exact scenario played out at the lavish Four Seasons Maui, which sits on the island’s picturesque Wailea Beach.  

As the hotel guests gathered in the Four Seasons ballroom, an tipster informs the site that NBA icon/Dodgers & Lakers executive Magic Johnson was spotted amongst the crowd.

While the five-time NBA and 1979 NCAA champ was noticed by virtually everyone in the room, on this day, Magic was just another concerned and alarmed visitor to the Aloha State.

Here is a look at Magic, during a considerably less stressful time, signing autographs in his home state of Michigan.