The Most Famous Mercedes In LA (Video)

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant has had the title of Southern California's most famous active athlete all to himself since 2004, when LA traded Shaquille O'Neal to the Miami Heat. The NBA's fifth all-time leading scorer arrived in the West Coast megalopolis in 1996. Five NBA titles later, Kobe is as synonymous with Tinseltown as any A-list celebrity or local politician.

One of the unvarying aspects of Kobe's current day LA existence is his Mercedes-Benz CLS. As iFolloSports previously noted, Kobe travels from his Newport Beach home, to Lakers practice near LAX, to Staples Center in downtown LA, via helicopter. But, when the superstar hits the road on work days, between trips through the sky, he can almost always be seen in his black Mercedes with tinted windows.

Tuesday early afternoon, seven hours prior to the Lakers home game versus the Atlanta Hawks, Kobe and his Benz rolled out of the Toyota Sports Center's gated parking lot, before taking a left onto Nash Street in the LA County coastal city of El Segundo.

Checkout the above original video from Tuesday, on what was a very low key day in Lakerland.

The Kobe CLS has made its way onto the pages of at multiple points over the last couple years. Whether it was a photo of Kobe interacting with fans outside of the Toyota Sports Center on the opening day of last season's training camp, video of the legend speeding out of practice before a game, or a story regarding an encounter with Kobe outside of the Ritz-Carlton across from Staples Center, the constant has been that car.

With all the possible changes to the Lakers roster in the next few weeks and months, perhaps Kobe Bryant's Mercedes-Benz CLS will be the future Hall of Famers only familiar sight in and around his very famous workplace.