Nowitzki Beat LeBron In Hoops, But Who Wins In A Singing Contest? (Video)

Nowitzki Beat LeBron In Hoops, But Who Wins In A Singing Contest?  (Video)Thursday, 200,000 Mavericks fans crammed the streets of downtown Dallas, in celebration of their team's first-ever NBA title. The parade's end point was Victory Plaza, located at the entrance to American Airlines Center. Prior to heading inside the arena, where an additional 20,000 fans were waiting to witness a championship rally, members of the team took to the microphone.

By far, the most memorable oratorical effort came from 2011 NBA Finals MVP Dirk Nowitzki. After addressing the crowd, the German native and future Hall of Famer began to belt out lyrics to the classic Queen anthem “We Are The Champions.”

Take a look and listen to the below piece of video, recorded by one of the excited fans, who braved the hot and humid North Texas weather, to be a part of the celebration.

While Nowitzki's dominance over LeBron James and the Heat has been well documented, it's still very much up in the air as to who's the better singer.

The second below video clip displays LeBron's version of the Bee Gee's favorite “Stayin' Alive.” This performance took place in 2008, when LeBron still called Cleveland home.

In no way does this competition come close to the quality of the NBA Finals. But, from LeBron's perspective, it might allow him a chance to come out on top of his rival from Dallas.

Or, maybe not....