Owning The Top Pick In The NBA Draft Often Pays Off

Owning The Top Pick In The NBA Draft Often Pays Off Tuesday night, with so many teams vying for the top pick, the Minnesota Timberwolves won the NBA Draft Lottery and now own the coveted first overall selection in the 2015 draft. By all accounts, the Wolves will take either Duke center Jahlil Okafor or Kentucky center Karl – Anthony Towns.

Over the years, getting the top pick has been extremely important. Recent history shows that in most cases the number one selection is usually very good. And in some cases, number ones even turn out to be transcendent players.

Below is a list of the best top picks still active in the NBA and the teams that drafted them. 

1997 - Tim DuncanSan Antonio Spurs: five-time NBA Champion & three-time NBA Finals MVP

2003 - LeBron James - Cleveland Cavaliers: four-time MVP & two-time NBA Champion

2004 - Dwight HowardOrlando Magic: eight-time All-Star & three-time Defensive Player of the Year

2008 - Derrick RoseChicago Bulls: 2011 MVP & three-time All-Star

2009 - Blake GriffinLos Angeles Clippers: five-time All-Star & 2011 Rookie of the Year

2010 - John WallWashington Wizards: two-time All-Star

2011 - Kyrie IrvingCleveland Cavailers: three-time All-Star & 2012 Rookie of the Year

2012 - Anthony DavisNew Orleans Pelicans: two-time All-Star

2014 - Andrew WigginsMinnesota Timberwolves: 2015 Rookie of the Year

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