Pau Gasol Signing After Exit Interview (Video)

In addition to all of the drama that surrounds whether Dwight Howard will remain in Los Angeles, one of the other dilemmas facing Lakers brass involves the future of two-time world champion and all-time class act Pau Gasol. The Spaniard, who is set to earn $19.3 million next season (final year of his contract), may find himself either traded or amnestied, particularly if LA is able to re-sign Howard to a maximum contract. With a significantly more punitive luxury tax now the law of the NBA landscape, even the big money Lakers may not be inclined to possess a payroll that includes three $19 million plus players (Gasol, Howard, Kobe Bryant).   

Despite embarking on yet another summer of uncertainty, Gasol was his normal affable self, when interacting with LA hoops fans, shortly after the conclusion of his end of season interview and media session on Tuesday. Per the above original video, the 32-year-old big man was seen providing his usual amount of respect to the assembled group of adoring fans.

Gasol fans can also take a look at numerous other examples of Gasol's classiness with fans, via this series of original videos. The man from Barcelona is without question one of the very best people in all of professional sports. No doubt about it.