A Review Of Dallas' American Airlines Center (Photos)

American Airlines Center food optionsIn addition to chronicling the logistics of the Golden State Warriors and Minnesota Timberwolves collective stays at the Rosewood Crescent Hotel, the very same iFolloSports.com contributor saw both of the above teams take on the Dallas Mavericks, at the Mavs home arena, the American Airlines Center. Below is the contributor's review of seeing a game at the 12-year-old facility, which also serves as the home of the Dallas Stars. Located in the Victory Park neighborhood of Dallas, the building sits immediately adjacent to the ritzy Uptown Dallas area, as well as the business center of downtown Dallas.

The contributor noted the above and beyond level of entertainment and hospitality provided to fans, even before actually setting foot in the venue. In addition to providing close by, easily accessible parking, AT&T Plaza (south side of the property) offers a sea of activity, in the hours leading up to the opening tap. Once inside, fans are welcomed by a courteous group of arena employees, assisting paying customers with everything from seating inquiries to where to obtain event based photos.

Upon entering the lower bowl, fans are allowed to park themselves near the visiting team's tunnel, with requests for autographs fully encouraged. The below pictures showcase an autographed Ricky Rubio photo and a basketball signed by 9 of the 15 members of the Wolves roster. All of these signatures were gathered during this pregame period.

Ricky Rubio autographed photo

Timberwolves autographed ball

The arena itself is extremely clean and well maintained, while offering a wide variety of dining options. Concession possibilities range from the typical stadium fare of burgers, hot dogs and pizza, to Mexican food, Texas and Philly cheesesteaks, BBQ and deli sandwiches and even a little of Texas chili.  

The Platinum Level offers a myriad of swanky hangouts, including areas sponsored by Remy Martin, Red Bull and Audi.

Viewing the game itself at AAC rates very positively. The sightlines are excellent (pictures below), with the fans coming off as knowledgeable, at least for the hometown Mavs. One additional bonus involves how visible Dallas owner Mark Cuban is throughout the game. Unlike many owners, who spend much of their time in luxury suites, Cuban is seen hanging out near the court at all times.  

One of the most unique aspects of attending a Mavericks game at the AAC involves the sight of the infamous ManiAAC's. In addition to housing a standard all female dance team, the Mavs in-game entertainment features a group of plus sized men, strutting their stuff for the crowd.

All and all, the contributor gives his experience at the American Airlines Center an enthusiastic thumbs up.