Ricky Rubio Signing For LA Hoops Fans (Video)

Minnesota Timberwolves point guard Ricky Rubio is one of the most talked about rookies to hit the NBA scene in the last several years. Fans throughout the league have been instantly drawn to the Spaniard's flashy, pass first approach to basketball. Not since the talents of “Pistol” Pete” Maravich and Magic Johnson has a player showed such a unique level of creativity, when both handling and distributing the ball.

Rubio's first two months of NBA play has displayed a bevy of dazzling maneuvers with the rock, with perhaps his greatest move taking place last Friday night, during the Rising Stars Challenge. In the All-Star Weekend exhibition game, Rubio dribbled the ball through DeMarcus Cousins' legs, on the way to an alley-oop pass to the Clippers Blake Griffin.

As a result of his new and innovative style of hoops, combined with the Wolves marked improvement from last season (due in large measure to Rubio and All-Star forward Kevin Love), the Minnesota team has awoken a previously dormant hometown fan-base, while becoming a much more sought-after squad on the road.

Tuesday was a shining example of this situation, as a large number of fans gathered outside of the Ritz-Carlton, Los Angeles in downtown LA, prior to the Wolves game versus the Clippers. The team was in LA for back-to-back games against the Clippers and Lakers.

The majority of awaiting hoops followers were armed with gear specifically intended for what they hoped would be a Rubio signature. To the great joy of these fans, the 21-year-old sensation diverted his path to the team bus, when coming over to sign autographs for anyone who was interested.

Per the above iFolloSports.com original video, check out Rubio's incredibly accommodating interaction with the assembled group. As the video indicates, the right-hand favoring playmaker appeared to sign all autographs with his left hand.

The ballplayer is clearly quite ambidextrous.  

Also, take note of the Justin Bieber backpack resting on Rubio's back. The man who currently averages 8.4 assists per game (entering Thursday night's game against the Suns) is wearing this product for the remainder of the season, as a result of a little rookie hazing from his Wolves teammates.

With Minnesota playing 13 of its next 20 games on the road, fans throughout the NBA will have ample opportunity to mix it up with the Barcelona-born point guard. If Tuesday night is any indication, fan interaction with Rubio may lead to an autograph from one of this season's true breakout talents.