The Ridiculous List Of Players Missing Time In The NBA Playoffs

As a rather entertaining opening round of the NBA playoffs marches forward, sadly, one of the most glaring issues facing both teams and fans alike, involves the staggering amount of injuries that have struck down some of the league's most impactful players. Whether the injury occurred during the postseason, regular season or even last season, the list of names missing in action (for some or all of the playoffs) is downright staggering. To put this situation into true perspective, one only has to take a look at the All-Star team of guys featured below.  

Russell Westbrook (torn meniscus)

Kobe Bryant (torn Achilles tendon)

Rajon Rondo (torn ACL)

Derrick Rose (torn ACL)

David Lee (torn hip flexor)

Danilo Gallinari (torn ACL)

Danny Granger (patellar tendinosis in knee)

Jared Sullinger (back surgery)

Amar'e Stoudemire (knee debridement surgery)

Blake Griffin (high ankle sprain)

Kirk Hinrich (bruised calf)

Jeremy Lin (bruised chest)

Dwyane Wade (sore knee)

Steve Nash (hip & hamstring issues)

Metta World Peace (Baker's cyst in knee)

Steve Blake (hamstring strain)

Jodie Meeks (sprained ankle)

Boris Diaw (back cyst)

Tiago Splitter (sprained ankle)