Rivers Is As Good A Guy As He Is A Coach (Video)

Boston Celtics head coach Doc Rivers stands as one of the most respected members of the entire NBA fraternity. After 13 seasons as an NBA point guard, the Chicago native is already serving in his twelfth season as an NBA head coach. When factoring in Rivers' time spent in the broadcast booth, it is truly hard to fathom the game of professional basketball without the influence of the Marquette alum.

Being involved with the NBA since 1983 has allowed Rivers to create a very comfortable life for himself and his family, including his now notable son Austin, who of course is a freshman ballplayer at Duke.

The day after Austin Rivers sank the most famous shot of the college basketball season to date, iFolloSports.com ran a story chronicling the 10,000 square foot, Orlando area home of the Rivers family.

Membership at the top of the basketball world most certainly has its privileges.

Wednesday, per the above iFolloSports.com original video, Rivers made his way to an awaiting group of LA hoops fans, as the Celtics boarded their buses outside of the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. Rivers' rock solid reputation was on full display, as he put in as much time as was needed to accommodate the entire crowd of onlookers.

At the beginning of the interaction, Rivers responded to an obvious Laker fan's comment about hating the Clippers by uttering, “I don't hate them , I just want to beat them.”

Later that night, the Celtics fulfilled Rivers' wish by defeating the Clippers 94-85.

At the end of his exchange with the group, the 2008 NBA champion coach was abundantly clear regarding how his son's Duke squad will do in the upcoming NCAA Tournament.

Rivers answered our question with a quick and to the point, “They're (Duke) gonna win it. What's wrong with you?”

As can be ascertained from these events, Rivers' good guy image is alive and well, despite all of his great professional and personal success. Even if folks are not fans of the Celtics, it's hard not to at least root a little bit for a guy with as much class as Glenn “Doc” Rivers.