Sacramento Kings Becoming Anaheim Royals?

Sacramento Kings Becoming Anaheim RoyalsIt seems more and more likely that the Sacramento Kings will move to Anaheim before next season, giving Southern California a third NBA franchise. 

Six weeks ago, the owners of the Kings and the capital city of California approved an agreement to build a new downtown arena, but now the city and the Maloof family (Kings ownership) declared that they distrust each other. 

The mutual animosity is being published daily in the Sacramento Bee.

A loval committee, formed by former NBA star and current Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson, released a statement saying that “dealing with the Maloofs is like dealing with the North Koreans -- except they are less competent.” 

The release later stated that “in the Maloof-world, facts are fiction; truths are half-truths; and promises are broken promises." 

There is already speculation that the Maloofs will move the team to Orange County and then sell it at a much greater price than they could get in Sacramento. 

One thing for sure---Kings' season tickets for next season are selling like cold cakes.