The Scarsdale House Owned By David Stern

David Stern Scarsdale homeThursday, NBA commissioner David Stern announced that he will be retiring from his position, effective February 1, 2014. Stern joined the NBA offices in 1978, as league general counsel. Following his promotion to executive vice president in 1980, Stern assumed the role of NBA head honcho on February 1, 1984, 30 years to the day of when he plans to finally walk away from the sports organization he is so synonymous with running.

The now 70-year-old product of Teaneck, New Jersey has spent the entirety of his life in and around the New York metropolitan area. After attending Teaneck High School and Rutgers University, Stern attended law school at Columbia University in upper Manhattan.

Fast-forwarding to present day, Stern's professional and personal life is divided between NBA headquarters in midtown Manhattan and the ritzy Westchester County city of Scarsdale, New York.

Stern has overseen his NBA empire from offices in the 51-story Olympic Tower, located at 645 Fifth Avenue, immediately across the street from St. Patrick's Cathedral and Rockefeller Center.

Below are original exterior photos of the building.

NBA headquarters Olympic Tower, 645 Fifth Ave


NBA headquarters Olympic Tower, 645 Fifth Ave


The league lays claim to floors 14 through 20 of the mixed use tower, which also houses 225 condominiums. Other notable tenants include the Onassis Cultural Center, MSD Capital, as well as retail locations for both Cartier and Versace.

23 miles north of the Olympic Tower sits the longtime commish's 6,139-square-foot, 70-year-old mansion, situated in the high end suburban enclave of Scarsdale. Valued in the neighborhood of $3.6 million, Stern's tree lined, 2.63-acre property includes four bedrooms, 5.5 bathrooms and a swimming pool.

Here is an aerial shot of the grounds, together with the adjacent plot of land, also owned by the Stern family (home to the right of the red pin).

Former and current Scarsdale residents include Al Jolson, Judy Garland, Yoko Ono and Aaron Sorkin.

For those keeping score at home, Stern's residence is five miles due north of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, whose New York career and residential life was chronicled by last month. Goodell lives in the city of Bronxville.

One has to wonder which high powered sports executive receives priority, if they both happen to arrive at a crowded Westchester County restaurant simultaneously.

Enjoy your pending retirement Mr. Stern!