Is That Rob Lowe Or Rob Pelinka At Kobe's Final Game?

Below is original video of perhaps the two people (not named Kobe Bryant) most responsible for the now retired icon’s estimated $300 million net worth. Both clips were captured Wednesday, in the hours prior to Kobe's historic final game.

Lakers President/Governor Jeanie Buss walking to her car outside the Toyota Sports Center, LA’s El Segundo (CA) headquarters. Jeanie’s late father Dr. Jerry Buss drafted Kobe and presided over much of his career, prior to his passing in 2013. While the Lakers have struggled on the court, during the last few seasons, the franchise continues to perform at an extremely high level from a business standpoint, including selling more arena merchandise in one-day (during Kobe’s final game) than any other arena or event in history. Jeanie Buss deserves the bulk of the credit for the money making machine the iconic Laker brand continues to be.

Rob Pelinka, Kobe’s agent and the president and CEO of Landmark Sports Agency signing autographs outside Staples Center. The 46-year-old lawyer by trade (who bears a resemblance to actor Rob Lowe) was a reserve point guard for Michigan, winning the 1989 national title and finishing NCAA runner-up in 1991 and 1992. Pelinka represents several other notable NBA players including James Harden and Andre Iguodala, as well as former player and coach Derek Fisher. Thanks to his stable of clients, Rob Pelinka's net worth may someday approach that of the players he reps.