Seeing Jackson & Gooden At Bucks LA Hotel

Last Friday, I arrived to the Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Rey for a business meeting and among the first people I saw in the lobby was longtime NBA player Stephen Jackson. Jackson and his Milwaukee Bucks teammates were staying at the hotel, the day before what turned out to be a 92-86 loss to the Clippers. Jackson scored 18 points in the game.

I'm a big NBA fan, but after seeing Jackson, it took me a minute to realize that it was the Bucks who were staying at the hotel. Jackson joined Milwaukee for this season, after playing for six teams in the last 11 years. Though putting together a pretty good career, Jackson is one of those players who seems to move around all the time. So, it's sometimes hard to keep up with where he is from year to year.

Ironically, a few minutes later, I saw fellow NBA journeyman Drew Gooden sitting with a group of people on the hotel's outdoor restaurant deck. Gooden is kind of in the same class as Jackson, in that he has played for nine teams since coming into the league in 2002.

If I would have seen Gooden before Jackson, I would have also had to refer to my iPad to find out who he was with this year.

Apparently, Milwaukee is the current landing spot for the NBA's most nomadic players.