Stephen Jackson Poses Question To LA Fans (Video)

Last time reported on a Stephen Jackson sighting, the spirited NBA small forward was toiling away on an underperforming Milwaukee Bucks team.

Four months after Jackson was seen at the Ritz-Carlton, Marina Del Rey hotel in Los Angeles, the now San Antonio Spurs player is playing for the league's best team, while preparing to participate in the Western Conference Finals.

What a difference a trading deadline deal makes!

Sunday, prior to San Antonio's Game 4 series sealing victory over the Los Angeles Clippers, a noticeably chipper Jackson was seen leaving the Peninsula Hotel Beverly Hills, as he boarded the Spurs team bus.

Along the way, Jackson stopped to sign autographs for the gathering of fans.

Before doing so, the Houston native wanted to make sure that the collectors were not looking to get his signature, simply for the purpose of selling it.

After posing the question, Jackson followed up by jokingly saying “how would I know that, right?”

As the Spurs move towards what could be yet another NBA title for the highly successful franchise, it's clear that the team's most recent acquisition is thrilled to be along for the ride.