Tony Parker & Gregg Popovich at LA hotel

Wednesday, the San Antonio Spurs lost to the LA Clippers 90-85 at Staples Center.  When visiting Los Angeles, the team always stays in Santa Monica, this time lodging at the Shutters on the Beach Hotel.

Spurs point guard Tony Parker's trip to Hollywood also included a visit with soon-to-be ex-wife Eva Longoria, according to TMZ.  After sitting down with the actress earlier in the day, Parker's focus quickly turned to basketball, but it was clear he wanted no part of the autograph seekers standing near the Spurs team bus. 

Parker and future Hall of Fame coach Gregg Popovich quickly made their way onto the bus, not looking up or even acknowledging the small group of hoops fans for even a second.  I'm not familiar with Parker's normal fan interaction procedures, but on this day in LA, it was all about getting on the bus as rapidly as possible.  It was interesting to see Parker and Popovich walking together.  Maybe the coach and point guard were discussing the night's game plan or perhaps the legendary coach was serving as cover for Parker in case anyone chose to hassle him about his life away from the court.  At any rate, if a person would have blinked, they probably would have missed seeing the point guard and coach of one of the NBA's model franchises.

Take a look at the brief video of the two men hustling their way onto the charter bus. It was all business, even at 5:15pm, 15 miles west of the arena.