A Look At The Home Of Syracuse Lifer Jim Boeheim

Jim Boeheim Fayettville, New York homeSyracuse coach Jim Boeheim has lived perhaps the least nomadic life of any coach in any major sport. Born and raised in the Upstate New York town of Lyons (54 miles west of the Syracuse campus), the 71-year-old has spent 53 of the last 56 years affiliated with the private university of 21,000 students.

After attending the school from 1962-1966 (played for the basketball team for three years), Boeheim served as an assistant coach from 1969-1976, before becoming the program’s head coach in 1976. 2015-16 marks Boeheim’s 40th season running the NCAA hoops power, with this weekend’s trip to Houston representing his sixth Final Four appearance.

Boeheim’s crowning achievement at Syracuse occurred in 2003, when he led the institution to its lone national championship, thanks in large measure to the play of Carmelo Anthony.

Boeheim’s incredible tenure at Syracuse has led to a very comfortable existence for he and his family, with his current salary coming in at around $2.1 million. The Boeheim’s choose to call the nearby city of Fayetteville, New York home.

Here is an aerial photo of his 7,000-square-foot abode, which sits six miles east of campus. The village of Fayetteville has a population of 4,000 inhabitants.

Boeheim has indicated that he intends to retire from coaching in 2018. 

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