Reign Man Part II In Seattle

Shawn Kemp Jr.The Washington Huskies completed their basketball recruiting class last week by signing 6-10 forward Shawn Kemp Jr., also known as Reign Man Jr.  Kemp took a circuitous route to Seattle, after playing his high school ball outside Atlanta. 

He signed originally with Alabama, but did not qualify academically.  He then went to a prep school, eventually committing to Auburn. Unfortunately, Kemp Jr. didn't have his academics in order and could not get in there either. He has not played organized basketball in two years.   

Shawn Kemp, the original Reign Man, played in the NBA for 14 years, but never in college. He was a high-flying mainstay of the Seattle SuperSonics, during their heyday of the mid 1990's. 

Fans of the Huskies are split over the signing of Kemp's son because of all the baggage he brings with him to Washington. Kemp Jr. is reportedly out of shape and even his new coach  Lorenzo Romar states that "he's been out of basketball getting his mind right." 

The jury is assuredly out on this one.