The Actions Of Guillen & Petrino Should Result In The Same Fate

Ozzie Guillen and Bobby PetrinoThe Miami Marlins knew what they were getting when they hired Ozzie Guillen to be their manager, upon moving into their new stadium in the Little Havana section of the city. During his eight seasons as manager of the White Sox, Guillen's teams went 678-617 and he became the first Latin manager to win a World Series back in 2005. Viewed as eccentric, outspoken and prone to volcanic eruptions, the native of Venezuela played shortstop in the Major Leagues for 16 seasons (13 with the White Sox) prior to becoming a manager. 

It took only four days this season for Guillen to cause a major controversy which has completely inflamed Miami. In an interview with Time Magazine, Guillen stated that he loves Fidel Castro and foolishly praised the Cuban dictator.  The Cuban-American population in Miami has all suffered to some degree because of the tyranny of the Castro regime over the past 63 years and now will never forget what Guillen said.  They helped finance the publically funded new stadium and purchased season tickets only to endure their new manager getting a brief five-game suspension, while issuing a public apology.  This controversy is not over by any means.

Earlier this week, the University of Arkansas fired their head football coach Bobby Petrino, The slithery drifter, who also happened to be the highest paid employee in the state, was let go for terrible judgment and reckless behavior, after a local motorcycle accident exposed an extramarital affair with a 25-year-old university employee. The ethically-challenged Petrino had burned bridges in previous stops at Auburn, Louisville and the Atlanta Falcons. 

Miami management should see that Guillen suffers the same fate as Petrino and sooner rather than later.