Hurricanes Still Top One Very Important List

Miami Hurricanes most players in the NFLSaturday, in what this column deemed as the Probation Bowl, the Miami Hurricanes defeated the Ohio Buckeyes 24-6. Despite the impressive victory, everyone around the Miami program is dealing with the prospect of almost certain and significant NCAA punishment.

While the “U” sits and waits, the once proud institution can hang their hat on one impressive bit of information.

Even though Miami has only compiled a 35-31 record in the past 66 outings, they still have the most current NFL players of any university. There are a whopping 42 former Canes playing on Sundays at the present time. 

The list of Coral Gables alums includes Ray Lewis, Jonathan Vilma, Andre Johnson, Vince Wilfork and Frank Gore, to name a few.

USC is a close second with 41 and Texas ranks third with 40.