LA Coliseum Adult Movie Scandal Keeps Getting Weirder

Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum pornographic film scandalThe Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum is home to the USC Trojans football team and is the former home stadium of both the St. Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders

Both NFL squads moved out of Southern California in 1995. 

In addition, the historic venue has hosted two Olympic Games (1932, 1984), the inaugural Super Bowl, a papal visit and President John F. Kennedy's acceptance speech at the 1960 Democratic National Convention.

According to a recent Los Angeles Times article, the iconic facility was also the home turf for a pornographic movie entitled "The Gangbang Girl #32."

The Coliseum Commission originally stated that they knew nothing about the shoot, but have since changed their story, claiming that the LA Film Commission had issued a permit for a movie that went by the name of "Guns Brandished 33."

Coliseum staff added that they had no idea that an “adult” movie, which included 40 minutes of “action” on the field itself, was about to be shot in the facility.

Former coliseum general manager Patrick Lynch, who resigned in 2011 and was recently indicted on corruption charges, personally denies any knowledge of the film's existence.

Still, someone had to unlock the gates and turn on the stadium lights.

So, who gave permission for the filming?

Incidentally, the video was shot just days after the 9-11 attacks of 2001, when other stadiums around the country were closed and games were canceled. 

Anabolic Video founder “Christopher Alexander” (film's production company) told the LA Times that the 89-year-old stadium was "an incredible location" and that his organization intended “no disrespect and no intention to defame a national landmark."

In addition, Rap legend Snoop Dogg has come out in full support of the production, personally congratulating the lead “actor” for his “work” on the famous gridiron surface.  

Stay tuned, as this continually evolving storyline will almost certainly present many more twists and turns before it's all over.