Dabo Swinney Triumphs Over His Sweet Home Alabama

Dabo Swinney Alabama player and graduateMonday night, 47-year-old Dabo Swinney led the Clemson Tigers to their second-ever national championship, when defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide in a thrilling 35-31 last-second victory.

While Swinney will forever be a revered figure among many in the state of South Carolina, his roots absolutely lie within the state and university he defeated to claim the national title.

Swinney was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1969. He would go on to spend his entire childhood in the Birmingham suburb of Pelham.

From 1989-1992, Swinney played wide receiver for the Crimson Tide. His time as a Bama player was highlighted by his membership on the school’s 1992 national championship team.  Off the field, Swinney earned both a bachelor’s degree and Masters of Business Administration while attending the Tuscaloosa university.

From 1993-1995, Swinney served as a graduate assistant for the football program, before working as an assistant coach for the Tide from 1996-2000.

Oh and one more thing. Swinney’s wife Kathleen also grew up in Pelham and attended the University of Alabama.

What an incredible storyline! Swinney’s finest professional hour comes against the state and school that is so much a part of him.

There remains no greater theater than sports.