Everybody Messed Up In The Kent St. Vs. Towson Punt Debacle

Andre Parker tackled by Towson plays on wrong way punt returnThursday night, Kent State punted to Towson in the second quarter and that's when all heck broke loose. The punted ball grazed a Towson player and was then picked up by Kent's Andre Parker, who proceeded to run almost 60 yards the wrong way.  Incredibly, and for some reason, Parker was tackled by opposing players from Towson , preventing him from scoring a safety, which would have given Towson two points.

Eventually, the referee correctly ruled the punt a muff, which cannot be advanced by a Kent State player. The ball was then marked at the Towson  7.

Despite the ridiculous play, Kent State was victorious 41-21.    

View the video of sophomore linebacker Andre Parker's wild adventure below.