Former Wrestler's Son In Big Trouble At West Virginia

Big Bully BusickBig Bully Busick had a brief career in the WWF (now WWE). His finishing moves included the Stump Puller and the Bully Blaster.  A police officer at age nineteen, the villainous Busick (now 57) retired from the ring in 1992 and has since worked in casino security.  But, when you read about a former pro wrestler, the ending of the story is generally not good.    

Branko Busick was a linebacker at West Virginia University and the son of Big Bully.  Branko was arrested Monday, in Morgantown, on armed robbery charges. He is accused of pulling a gun on a fellow student in an apartment complex.  When the victim said he had no money, Branko allegedly hit him with the gun. 

Branko, who faces 10 years in prison, was dismissed from the Mountaineers football squad and had his scholarship pulled for a violation of "team rules."  You think? 

True to his wrestling legacy, Branko was wearing a mask at the time of his arrest.