Manure Or Fish Bait In Lubbock??

manure on Texas A&M busTexas Tech hosted Texas A&M last Saturday and the Aggies came up with a 45-40 victory. But, all the talk after the game was about what exactly happened to the Aggies' team bus. 

While Texas Tech "strongly condemned" the vandalism, they firmly stated that fish bait and not manure was used. The bait was allegedly smeared on the floor of the bus, which was parked in a Lubbock hotel parking lot. A&M athletic director Bill Byrne insisted that manure was spread from "one end to the other" of one bus and on the outside of three others. 

Tech responded that washable shoe polish, not spray paint, was splashed on the windows of one bus and added that all the buses were cleaned before Byrne saw them. Tech officials went on to call the AD "careless."

No arrests have been made or any pranksters identified. 

It is sad that A&M is leaving for the SEC---A&M and Tech need to keep this rivalry going.