More Plagiarism Charges At North Carolina?

Erik Highsmith plagiarizes blog post from 11-year-oldThe University of North Carolina is currently serving a one-year bowl ban for academic fraud, under the watch of former head coach Butch Davis. Now, a recent News & Observer (Raleigh, NC) story indicates that the Tar Heels may not be done with NCAA investigators just yet.

According to the report, senior wide receiver Erik Highsmith tried to fulfill a class assignment by blogging about poultry farming (seriously). The only problem was that he copied his work directly from an internet post, written by an 11 year-old!

Instructor J. Nikol Beckham reported the plagiarism to the academic support program for student athletes. Now, UNC is reportedly investigating whether other football players may have stolen work from the internet.

Additional charges involve receiving credit for courses that did not exist.

To make things even worse for the Tar Heels, UNC gave up a late touchdown Saturday to archrival Duke, in the final 13 seconds, losing the game 33-30. Their first defeat to Duke since 2003.