Oregon St. Celebrates Upset Victory At In-N-Out-Burger

Oregon State Beavers consume 200 Double-Doubles at Burbank In-N-Out BurgerHead coach Mike Riley promised his Oregon State Beavers a trip to an iconic Southern California hamburger chain, if they could find a way to upset UCLA at the Rose Bowl. The Beavers came through with a 27-20 victory Saturday and Riley was true to his word.

Before flying back to Oregon, the Beavers stopped through an In-N-Out Burger in Burbank (CA), where the team consumed more than 200 Double-Doubles (two beef patties, two pieces of cheese) and a whole lot of fries.

The Beavers (upset Wisconsin & UCLA), as well as the Stanford Cardinal (upset USC), may now make the high powered Oregon Ducks a little bit nervous in the Pac-12 North.