Overhead Camera Comes Crashing Down In Arizona

Overhead camera falls at Insight BowlThe overhead camera is commonly used by ESPN, when televising college and professional football games. The technological breakthrough is rarely noticed by fans, even though it provides interesting aerial views to television viewers.

With this said, the usually nondescript device was certainly noticed during last week's Insight Bowl in Tempe, Arizona. 

Late in the fourth quarter, the camera flew off its guide wire and crashed to the field, narrowly missing Iowa wide receiver Martin McNutt Jr. Officials quickly removed the camera from the Sun Devil Stadium turf, along with its attached wires. 

The apparatus weighs 25 pounds and can travel at an impressive 30 miles per hour.

After Iowa's 31-14 loss to Oklahoma, McNutt told the media:  "First I looked---what is it that fell from the sky?  The next thing I knew, the camera kind of scratched me a little bit. It was just pulling me and I knew I didn't want to keep going with it.''

Take a look at video of what could have been a very disastrous situation.